The Blue Hostel





Walk around and fall in Love

The best way to visit Roma is on foot.

Walk around to discover amazing churches, hidden icons, small cafès, incredible fountains, marvellous buildings and so much more. Rome is a lot more than Colosseum and Saint Peter’s Basilica!

Exit the Blue Hostel building, walk to the left and there you are in front of the magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore basilica. On the same square you will find a supermarket, three banks with ATM, three cafès and the Sightseeing bus departures.

Only a few more steps and you descend in the old Suburra (Sub-Urbe), home of Caesar, one of the loveliest well-preserved Roman neighborhood (also known as Monti); the cosy, local atmosphere will make you feel at home between traditional restaurants, lovely cafès and boutiquès.

Walking down the Suburra, between a flower shop and a square where kids play football, you will start to see the immense walls of the Colosseo. And you are less than ten minutes away from Blue Hostel!

Bluehostel location close to Colosseum